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  • 100% Washdown for sterilization

  • Certified for Hygienic applications & IAQ standards

  • Custom configurations available as required

The dinovi Hospital Grade Air Handling Units are the latest innovation by Klimak s.r.l., Italy to meet the stringent sterilization requirements of today’s healthcare 

facilities ensuring high IAQ standards. 

Each dinovi air handling unit is composed of stainless steel washdown chambers with hygienic certification. The Dinovi Air Handling Units are configured with components like: 

  • Plenum Fans/ Fan arrays with direct drive EC motors 

  • Staged filtration up to HEPA quality

  • Airfoil Aluminum Dampers 

  • Cooling and Heating Coils with E-Coated finish 

  • IAQ drains meet ASHRAE Standard 62.1, Chapter 5a 

  • UV Lamps 

  • Humidification Systems 

  • Airflow monitoring stations

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