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There are in excess of 30,000 Klimak FCUs in operation on various projects for commercial buildings such as; hotels, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

Our wide range of FCUs come with corrosion resistant powder coated outer casing with closed cell foam insulation regardless of the application. Standard FCUs include forward curved double inlet double width forward curved fans direct driven by motor by single phased motor  Copper tubes aluminum finned coils with copper headers are standard along with powder coated galvanized steel drain pan. 

Some optional features include:

  • double wall casings with thermal break

  • copper finned coils 

  • stainless inner liners for hygienic purpose

  • perforated galvanized steel inner liner for lower acoustic purposes

  • EC motors for energy efficiency 

  • stainless steel drain pans 

  • polyester coated aluminum casings

  • UV lamps

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